Third Time is a Charm

This is our first official “retirement” trip and our third time out with Stella.  Ten days will be the longest we’ve been out so far. And we are ready for more fun on the road as we head to East Jordan and then to Empire, Michigan.   In the middle, we join the Michigander cycle ride in Traverse City.  I’m still in semi-work mode, needing to do something pretty much every minute – I am truly trying to decompress from 36 years in business.  Being in leadership for so long at Blue Cross, it is not easy to find the way to “mindfulness” every day.  What have I learned so far?

1.  Life happens.  Stuff goes wrong.  Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just figure it out and document it for the next time.  Learn from our mistakes.

2.  Breathe.  No more $10 million dollar budgets, no more strategy papers, no more employee issues, no more corporate politics.  Take a deep breath and just be calm as often as I can.

3.  Listen.   The world speaks a beautiful language that everyone can understand.  Birds, trees, wind, rain..  Find peace in the quietude.

4.  Plan or don’t plan.  I still schedule all our campgrounds and plan our meals – but I’m getting better at being open to spontaneity.  Because there are so many things to experience that are not “on the plan”.

It’s a beautiful time to be free to explore..




Shake Down

Finally, Stella found her wheels and hit the road.  Our first trip was few day trip only 50 miles from our dealer.  Stella hitched beautifully to the Beast, our 2017 GMC 2500 Denali. Hitch on Hitch off, Hitch on Hitch off..  Counting the links – 9 down and power through the sway distribution hook up.    A few nervous moments and we head north to Muskegon State Park.    The weather wasn’t going to play nice – cooler temperatures and rain, but we had lots to do to get to know our “home away from home”.

The winds were blustering so we changed our plans and instead of heading to Grand Haven, we found a spot in Holland for the next few days..

Nervous on the road, but both Ralph and I drove part of the way.  Need to get used to the feeling of having 9,000 lbs behind us.

I guess it was a good shake down, since nothing major happened, no one was hurt and nothing broke…

Trip one logged in the books…..